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To all this may reach,

I have just completed the installation of a FMX Flight Simulator as a helper. This has been one of the most interesting experiences I have had in a long time.

My little one man electrical contracting company is slow this time of year so I decided to do some temp work to fill in some gaps. I am glad I responded to Smartech's ad. D. was the first person I talked to and the first indication that I was in for a lesson in professionalism. Courteous and enthusiastic, D. sold the project to me. Yes, it is some distance from my home area, yes it will be long hours, yes there will be heavy lifting. At this point she said the most important thing she could have said, "We (Smartech) are a very good company and Redbird is too."  She believed in what she was doing and she didn't sugercoat anything D. answered every question to the very best of her ability and made sure I had no more concerns. We talked/emailed as the date of installation approached. Her concern for my availability and any concerns were unwavering.First class!
My next contact person was H., Project Manager. Ms. H. gives me more information on the project, nails down times and dates for me, and again I feel like I am her main concern. "Do you know where the project is?" "Are you sure you want to go that far?" "Do you have any questions or concerns?" At this point I am wondering if you guys have a restaurant because the last $35.00 Prime rib I had did not come with this kind of customer service. I am not even a customer.
And then there is the installer I am being hired to help. The guy I am going to drive an hour to help, for many hours, possibly lots of heavy lifting. Not only did he email me to let me know of his progress in his journey from Austin, but he called to touch base. Again, to answer questions and concerns. Fine. If you guys need me to sort paperclips, I'll do it.
The crown of all of this is the installer and his interaction with us(labor) and the end user. He was there to get the job done. Efficient, knowledgeable, and prepared. If someone came in to ask a question or something, he made sure we had stuff to do while he satisfied their curiosity. At one time there was concern about positioning of the equipment. The customer made a suggestion. Instead of dismissing the customer, the installer listened and  even took measurements to see if the suggestion was viable.The unit sits in that suggested location. Unbelievable. No egotistical argument? Nope. Just a desire to make sure the customer is getting what they want. Pure service.
Last but not least, the unit itself and the people who design and manufacture it. This thing rotates on 3 axis, weighs over a ton for sure, and it needs a good amount of space to operate. We brought the whole thing in through a standard size door, in parts of course. Well labeled parts. That fit together like they were supposed to. We put it together, ran it, and played with it a little. Perfect. The first time. Nothing missing or broken. My hat is off to the people who made that possible. I hope you get a pat on the back from time to time, you deserve it.

Thank you for the chance to help and in reality how I would like my business to be one day. I applaud you all!

Sean (Tech from North Carolina).

"I want to sincerely thank you.... for the opportunity of getting to work for SMARTECH on the NCR contract.  I especially want to thank [recruiting] and [Human Resources] for looking over my application/resume and giving me a chance to work the contract and prove myself.  Without them I know I would not have had the opportunity to go full hire with NCR.  NCR has contacted me and is officially hiring me starting Friday, February 13th. 

I appreciate how well the SMARTECH staff treated me and at how quick they responded to resolve any issues I had.  Hopefully my position with NCR will be a solid career and long lasting; however, with the instability of the current economy and the uncertainty it will play in the future, if I should ever need a place of employment again in the future I would definitely like to return to SMARTECH to work again.

 Thank you again. "


Robert N.

"This was the best job I ever had and you were all so nice and patient with me there....Thank you all for giving me a chance."

Stephen A.

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